Norwescon Day 1

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Norsescon opened today. I enjoyed the traditional waiting in line for an hour, changing lines when told to then going back to the original line. I made it to check-in just after the guy who was after me, so I did OK. The check-in crew was heroic as ever, as the lines got longer and the computers slower. For some reason, the computer wanted me to pay less than I should. Took a while to get the full price, which was really reasonable. I decided to join the SF club that organizes NorWescon and that resulted in a $5USD discount which they wanted to take off of my membership instead of the con. The computer would not budge! The final total was correct.

 I bought a ticket to the banquet. I had been told it was $35, but was charged $40. However I won three prizes – two nice books and the centrepiece at our table. It is festively sitting in the kitchen sink getting watered. Counting the book that was in my bag, thanks to DAW books, I now have lots of lovely reading this weekend! I will not have time to stop and smell the flowers – the ones in the sink.

 Why do they dim lights in a banquet hall? I could not see what I was eating, but it was good. I had some of each – pork, chicken and halibut. Each were very nice. The desert was some kind of apple hot thing with cream to put over it. Tasted like …. apples. They introduced the Guests of Honour, who are all interesting people.

 At the banquet table, I met Robert, who first attended Norwescon 3. I was very impressed and gasped, “I bet you have some great stories to tell!” Robert looked like a puppy threatened with a rolled-up newspaper and muttered, “I’m not telling!” He quickly left to fetch his food, and when he returned to the table, kept his mouth full, and exited at his last swallow. End of Robert’s story.


The first panel I got to see was ‘Big Press, Small Press, and Self-Publishing. They looked at ‘Self-Publishing through ‘print on demand’ bookstores. I have been thinking of printing my book, since it is a text book, on regular printing paper and then putting it in a three ring binder. Pros: cheap, easy-to-read, and can ‘print on demand’, easy to update. Cons: Have to put the pages I a binder myself, risk paper-cuts, have to do my own marketing. I also learned that you do not have to ‘buy’ a cover, you can ‘license’ it for a specific use, if the artist will let you. If I ever get hit on the head and suddenly sit down and write a fiction book, I will remember this, although I will remember this. I do not have the patients to deal with ‘Big Press.’ I cannot see myself famous and churning out trilogies for them to promote. I may look at small press for some ideas I have.


From another member of the audience, I learned about “3D printing”. Look it up – it is way cool!

 I went to a nice panel on Gaming and Community. A lady who owned “The Dreaming” gaming books store in Seattle was charming. The “Girl Geek” was too into her personal geekiness to be amusing. One of the two guys were funny. I learned the average gamer is a white guy in his twenties or thirties. They talked about bringing other demographics into gaming – specialty groups for gays, Hispanics, blacks. They left out grammas. I was the only woman in the room over 50, let alone over 60, with screaming white hair sitting in the front row. I guess they do not have a little-old-lady special interest group. 

 I signed up to volunteer, but was not texted to volunteer. Later, when I went to the volunteer room, a nice lady painted green in a witches’ costume asked if she could help me. I declined. Then they announced it was time to leave as they were closing. I asked the witch if I could help clean up, my shiny volunteer ribbon pristine and perky on my badge. Apparently I suddenly became invisible because she looked right through me. The ribbon and I, in defeat, slithered out of the room. If I had worn a tail, it would have tucked between my legs. I wended my weary feet down the hall to the cloak room and picked up my books, flowers, and soggy shawl and came home.

 What has Star Trek, vampires, fairies, warlords, flying people, space ships, robots, dragons, dungeons and is NOT considered appropriate for Norwescon Science Fiction Convention? Second Life. I need to put together a nice little video and present to Them who Schedule Norwescon 36. Or maybe the Lindens should,as list time I heard, they had an office here in Seattle. If not, it only costs about $100 to fly up from The City.


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Science Fiction, Second Life, and Me More About Text Than You Probably Want To Know

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