Are you Naughty or Nice?

Are you Naughty or Nice?

I have teamed up with Ima Mechanique, master scriptor to make a fun and funny prize for this theme at my shop, The Perfect Gift


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V is for Vintage – Second Life hunt July 1-30

V is for Vintage - Second Life hunt July 1-30

Hunt prisze at

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Here is the ‘It’s Muh Birthday’ hunt prize

Here is the 'It's Muh Birthday' hunt prize

Cake sides and top texture and avatar animation blowing out the candles (all copy/mod/transfer).

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It’s Muh Birthday Hunt – going on NOW

It's Muh Birthday Hunt - going on NOW

Jessicah Spyker is leading us into another GREAT Gridwide Hunt – May 10th – May 31 2013
Stop by The Perfect Gift and HUNT for a fun prize – birthday cake textures (side and top) PLUS an ‘blow out the candles’ animation – all Copy-Modify-Transfer

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Christmas Kitty

Christmas Kitty

Happy (my kitty) and I wish you Happy Holidays

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Burning Life – Second Life – Sneak Preview

Burning Life - Second Life - Sneak Preview

Burning Life is coming to Second Life. I am trying to get a plot…we’ll see.

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GIMP 2.8 – YouTube Tutorials

I have some new tutorials on YouTube about GIMP 2.8. Here they are!…

an introduction to GIMP 2.8 and the Cage tool:

Using MODES in GIMP 2.8

How to dock tool options:


Where did my dockable dialouges go:

More about text than you probably want to know:


Qavimator Demonstration:


How to get rid of unwanted Home Page changes:



Forground/ackground select tool:

The Scissors Tool:


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